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360 or Interactive videos?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of the tourism industry, visual content in your sales and marketing strategy is essential. Traditional 360-degree videos, while innovative, often fell short of meeting the needs of both businesses and customers. Recognizing these limitations, we sought to enhance the standard 360 video experience. We identified the challenges: time-consuming searches, lack of relevance, and viewer impatience. Our solution? Interactive videos – a seamless, efficient way for both sellers and buyers to interact.

A 360 video captures a panoramic view, allowing viewers to look around, but it lacks interaction. On the other hand, interactive films are dynamic and engaging. They not only provide a captivating view but empower customers to click, explore, and delve deeper. The point is not just to showcase your product but to ensure that viewers engage, connect, and ultimately make a purchase decision.

Do you trust your customers to find what they’re looking for, or do you prefer to guide them through your product? With interactive videos you can tailor the customer's journey by directing their focus and attention. By sharing a link to the interactive video, you can choose what you want the customer to see first, and your customers can still explore independently. Showcasing what you want the customer to focus on, yet letting them have the opportunity to click seamlessly through the other parts of your business. With our SMART Interactive videos, we prioritize your needs, showcasing what you want your customers to experience when they explore your business online. By guiding their journey, you not only save time for both parties but also enhance the overall customer experience.

SMART Interactive videos are a strategic tool that let you guide their customers, encourage interaction, and drive sales. With Broadstone’s expertise, your business can redefine how customers perceive and interact with your brand. Experience how interactive videos provide a superior visual showcase for your product. See what other clients thought of our SMART Interactive video, and get in touch for a presentation.

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