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Lie Overflate Newsletter

Newsletters managed and created for Lie Overflate.

NOV 2021 - T.D

Restaurant Kontrast 10 Years Anniversary

Graphic design to SoMe posts for Kontrast's 10-year anniversary.

OKT 2023

Lost In Norway business cards

Modern business cards created for Lost In Norway

NOV 2023

Trolljeger posters

Posters created for Trolljeger, Norway's roughest terrain obstacle course with a focus on teamwork and self-achievement.

JUL 2023

Interactive People branding

Branding & website development for Interactive People, a team building company that uses gaming techniques to achieve higher commitment, increased focus and better performance to their clients. The result is a vibrant branding and a dynamic and innovative website.

FEB 2023

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Nidaros Business Forum


for this client we also did:

Marketing Material   |   Film Editing   |   Printing

Full branding and marketing material for Nidaros Business Forum, an arena for the leders in cybersecurity


Nidaros Business Forum is a knowledge platform tailored for Executives and members of the Senior Manager Team with a strategic or operational responsibility.

They gathered Industry Experts and Experienced Executives within the areas of Cybersecurity, AI and Leadership Complexity with the objective to create a safe environment to learn, train and discuss these critical topics.

Broadstone has been their partner in marketing material. We created a logo, visual profile and all marketing materials to their first event at Britannia Hotel 2. - 3. Nov 2023.

The result is a professional and versatile branding that easily can be used for different mediums.

We delivered

  • Stickers/Banner for LinkedIn for all speakers

  • Posters designed for SoMe

  • Pictures designed for SoMe

  • Full branding (logo, colors, font, graphics)

  • PowerPoint Presentation

  • Flyers

  • Promo film

"waiting for quote"


PD Events |  Nidaros Business Forum

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