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Building a Brand New Website: Lost in Norway's perfect fit

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Just as one size jacket does not fit all, one website doesn’t serve every business. Every company has its own mark, its own personality, and our focus when building a website is to blend the company’s essence with art and functionality to create visually appealing websites with excellent user experience. We always customize your jacket for the perfect fit.

Who is Lost in Norway Lost in Norway - a DMC company that works with travel agents globally, requested a website that would showcase their unique offerings in the travel industry. They needed a website that reflected their recent growth and appealed specifically to travel agents and concierge services. They wanted a design that captured the essence of Norway's natural wonders and their expertise, in a cost efficient way.

What did Lost in Norway need

Visual content is essential for Lost in Norway. Their product is Norway itself, and they needed to showcase this. By utilizing Broadstone’s archive, they tailored content to their clients, enhancing their sales efforts, without purchasing a new film production. SMART content strategy was crucial, ensuring their expertise shone through.

How we created the perfect fit To capture the uniqueness of Lost in Norway’, we began by updating their brand guidelines. Fresh colors and fonts were introduced to echo the enigmatic allure of the Norwegian landscapes. Using various shades of green, a blend of serif and san-serif fonts, unique graphic elements, and compelling media, we crafted a website that immersed users in Norway's natural wonders. This fusion of tradition and modernism created a unique online experience.

Graphic design, building a website for a DMC company, in the travel industry Norway. Picture of a computer with the new website integrated in it. Pent design, innovativt nettside kreasjon,  nettsidebygger,  nettside pris, hjemmeside bedrift, website maker, website builder,

We chose dark and green colors on Lost in Norway's website to highlight their position in Norway's market. The deep greens represent Norway's nature and create a mysterious feeling, fitting with their name, “Lost”. We added lively pictures to make the website engaging.

Since they are “lost” in Norway, we focused on showing Norway's beauty and making it feel exclusive. We used videos and pictures from Broadstone, carefully editing them. We communicated a lot, exchanging drafts and feedback to make sure the website matched what they wanted. We also made sure the website worked well on phones, tablets, and computers. We paid attention to details like making sure the site shows up on Google searches.

Results Lost in Norway experienced an increase in business and received numerous compliments on their website. A client specifically chose them due to the website's compelling content. Broadstone's videos allowed them to tailor content, significantly aiding their sales conversion efforts. See more of the website here


Testimonial from a happy client, who  has increased business with their new website. We build a website from scratch, no templates, for a low price. Effectively, affordable and a user friendly website. Nettside, design, grafisk design, koding.

To provide the best website experience we combined this with beautiful and modern digital design, using our expertise when it comes to user-friendly websites. By including the visual content that Broadstone SMART Content Strategy provides, we created a website that fitted Lost in Norway perfectly. The result? The Lost in Norway team couldn’t be happier.

Their new website increased business and drew more clients in, capturing the essence of Norway's beauty and Lost in Norway's expertise.

Want to know more?

Working with us in Broadstone transformed their digital presence, showcasing their unique offerings in the travel industry. See below for more website projects we have done:

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