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What is Smart Content Strategy?

Broadstone’s Smart Content Strategy creates a brand new way of thinking when it comes to videos and pictures.


Broadstone's Smart content strategy introduces a novel, comprehensive, and sustainable approach to thinking about film and image production. To enable the use of film material for multiple purposes, we capture the entire product in various scenarios.

Material for multiple purposes

Lost in norway phone mock up
Lost in Norway pdf mock up
Lost in Norway website mock up

The content needs

Broadstone boasts extensive experience and knowledge from the travel industry, understanding the content needs of different customer groups.
The way we film ensures longevity. Think of the content as building blocks that can be re-edited into new films/content as new needs arise.

Broadstone Network film production
Waldorf Astoria the Caledonien

Captures everything

Broadstone devises a plan and captures everything, not just parts of the product. This avoids the need for reshooting when new requirements arise.

Nature image

Distribute freely

Smart Content Production also provides full usage rights, allowing customers to distribute freely without concerns about royalties.

Nature image
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