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Fantastic Fjords Website

Website created for Fantastic Fjords, an Iceland based travel agency.

OKT 2023

Quality Hotel Sogndal Website

Website development for Quality Hotel Sogndal, a hoteI idyllically located in the heart of the Sognefjord, the perfect base hotel for unique nature experiences.

FEB 2022

Interactive People Website

Branding & website development for Interactive People, a team building company that uses gaming techniques to achieve higher commitment, increased focus and better performance to their clients.

JAN 2023

Lærdal Hotel Website

Website development and re-branding for Lærdal Hotel, a centrally located hotel, which is located by the Sognefjord, in the very heart of Fjord Norway. The result is a functional and well-designed website.

JUN 2023

Stryn Hotel Website

Website development and re-branding for Stryn Hotel, a centrally located hotel, which is located by the Sognefjord, in the very heart of Fjord Norway. The result is a functional and well-designed website.

JUN 2023

Lie Overflate Website

Website development for Lie Overflate, an innovative company that combines expertise and sustainability to deliver exceptional surface coatings and treatments. The result is a vibrant, interactive and easy-to-navigate website.

MAR 2019

Vesterland Feriepark Website

Website development for Vesterland Feriepark, a norwegian-based accommodation located between the mountains and the fjords of Sogndal. The result is an informative, organized and eye-catching website.

MAY 2022

Fjord Tourist website

Website development and branding for FjordTourist, a norwegian-based accommodation with unique cultural-historical buildings. The result is a unique, well-designed and captivating website.

SEP 2022

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Lost in Norway


for this client we also did:

Branding & profile   |   Website   |   Photography   |   Film Production

Website development and re-branding for Lost in Norway, a travel agency with a world wide client base. The result is a modern and visually appealing website.


The client wanted a new website to reflect the growth the company has gone through over the last years. Since they only take requests from travel agents, concierge agents etc, we needed to structure the site in a way that private persons would quickly see who they cater to and who they don’t. 

We started by updating their brand guidelines with a set of fresh new colors and fonts to match the mysteriousness and uniqueness that Lost in Norway offers their clients through planned trips. We wanted the user to get submerged into the feeling of being up in the mountains or down by the fjords from the very first visit on the website. By combining different shades of green, serif font paired with a san-serif, unique graphic elements and beautiful media, we were able to create a website that conveys what clients can expect their trips to be; Unique with a hint of mysteriousness in the beautiful landscapes of Norway. (Tradition mixed with modernism)

All of the photos and videos used on the website are provided by Broadstone Network, unless anything else is stated.

View the result here!

"Broadstone has been responsible for the redesign of Lost in Norway's website. We are very pleased with the work that was done throughout the process, as well as the follow-up Broadstone has provided and how they listened to what was important to us. 

They also provided recommendations based on their expertise. The new website has resulted in more business, and there have been customers who specifically chose to contact us because of how our website and the overall profile of the company look. 

We also have access to a range of videos from Broadstone, which allows us to tailor content to our customers, greatly assisting us in sales conversion! We recommend anyone serious in the travel industry to collaborate with Broadstone!"


Lost in Norway

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