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Cunard Showreel film production

Film Production capturing Cunard cruises in fantastic Norwegian Fjords

OCT 2018

Atlantic Airways film production

Editing and film production for Visit Faroe Islands and Atantic Airways

SEP 2019

Quality Hotel Ålesund film production

Film Production for Quality Hotel Ålesund, an ocean side hotel in the city of Ålesund

AUG 2022

Trolljeger showreel film production

Film Production for Trolljeger, Norway's roughest terrain obstacle course with a focus on teamwork and self-achievement.

MAY 2019

Reykjavik by night film production

Film Production for DMC Nordic and Reykjavik

AUG 2019

Norled film production

Film Production for Norled, one of Norway's largest ferry and express boat operators.

JUN 2019

Fjord Norway commerical film production

Commerical produced for Fjord Norway togheter with Eli Kari Gjengedal

MAY 2021

Britannia Hotel commerical

Film Production created for Britannia Hotel, an iconic luxury hotel located in the charming city of Trondheim, Norway.

FEB 2021

Smaken av Sunnmøre film production

Film production created for Stranda.


Go Fjords film production

Film production for Go Fjords, a Norwegian tour operator that offers tours throughout Norway, including great tours in and around the fjords in the Fjord Norway region.


Crazy Coyote film production

Film production for Crazy Coyote, a complete organizer of all types of arrangements, events, travel/tours and activities.


Restaurant Kontrast film production

Commercial promo for Restaurant Kontrast, a renowned restaurant located in Oslo, Norway, known for its innovative and Michelin-starred culinary experiences.

NOV 2022 - T.D

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The Vasa Museum


for this client we also did:

Photography |  Digital Sales Tools

Film production for The Vasa Museum, located in Stockholm, Sweden, a world-renowned institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing the iconic warship Vasa.


This world-famous prestige museum chose Broadstone Network to deliver our unique digital sales tools to attract exclusive clients in the MICE segment.

Vasamuseet is a prominent museum in downtown Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to preserving and displaying the Vasa ship. This 17th-century warship is one of the world's most well-preserved and unique maritime artifacts.

The Vasa was a warship King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden commissioned in the early 17th century. It was intended to be a powerful symbol of Sweden's military might during the Thirty Years' War. The Vasa was launched in 1628 but tragically sank on its maiden voyage in Stockholm Harbor.

The ship's top-heavy design and inadequate stability caused it to capsize and sink. The Vasa remained submerged in the harbor for over 300 years until it was rediscovered in the 1950s. The ship was remarkably well-preserved due to the cold, brackish waters of the Baltic Sea.

As a part of our strategy to digitalize the whole of Stockholm city, The Vasa Museum was one of our first clients after we had produced The Grand Hotel Stockholm, a luxurious five-star hotel located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden.

Together with the Vasa Museum Broadstone has produced three fine videos that explain the museum and our services. The result will be very useful in our communication with new and existing clients.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Broatstone team who efficiently and professionally produced a very inspirational material that will strengthen our brand and business.

Mathias Andersson,
Business Development Manager

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