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  • KICK-OFF 2024 Fjordkysten & Sunnfjord

    Visit Fjordkysten & Sunnfjord will in 2024 make FjordKysten and Sunnfjord the most digital showcase destination in Norway! Based on this, our own, René Bjerregaard, is invited to present a completely new interactive destination system developed by Broadstone Network. Perhaps we'll see you there?"

  • Broadstone creates sales tools for Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonien

    Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian, part of the renowned Hilton chain, has chosen Broadstone Network as their partner to develop their sales tools and production of their digital content needs. The testimonial Fiona Hendry, Sales Manager at the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh, attests to Broadstone's cutting-edge tools. "We have been using Broadstone for about two years now," she says, "and it has truly been a fantastic storytelling tool for all our presentation needs. When we go to trade shows, we find that our clients say it stands out among anything else they have seen, and it feels like they've been to the hotel without even walking through the door”. Interactive video with a host Our interactive video tour allows potential guests to explore the hotel's elegance without stepping foot inside. Through these interactive journeys, the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh effortlessly captivates its audience, making every viewer feel as though they've already experienced the hotel's corridors. Behind this seamless experience stands Broadstone's Smart Content Strategy, a groundbreaking approach that transforms film and image production. Broadstone captures every aspect of the hotel, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for future needs. A game-changer The goal? To empower businesses to showcase their products without limitations and royalty concerns. Broadstone's Digital Sales Tools, the cornerstone of this strategy, serve as a game-changer for businesses in the hospitality sector. View the SMART Interactive video here! A sneak peak on the glamours hotel, Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonien:

  • Behind the Scenes: Sommerro 📸

    Broadstone Network at Sommerro in Oslo! We've been putting our heads together to create something special in collaboration with Sommerro. Our team has been diligently working to produce content and working hard to develop powerful sales tools that truly represent the essence of this incredible brand. A special shoutout to the hotels interactive host, Dominic Gorham. His dedication and patience with our photographer, René Bjerregaard, have been invaluable in making this collaboration a success. Stay tuned for the amazing result to come!

  • Building a Brand New Website: Lost in Norway's perfect fit

    Just as one size jacket does not fit all, one website doesn’t serve every business. Every company has its own mark, its own personality, and our focus when building a website is to blend the company’s essence with art and functionality to create visually appealing websites with excellent user experience. We always customize your jacket for the perfect fit. Who is Lost in Norway Lost in Norway - a DMC company that works with travel agents globally, requested a website that would showcase their unique offerings in the travel industry. They needed a website that reflected their recent growth and appealed specifically to travel agents and concierge services. They wanted a design that captured the essence of Norway's natural wonders and their expertise, in a cost efficient way. What did Lost in Norway need Visual content is essential for Lost in Norway. Their product is Norway itself, and they needed to showcase this. By utilizing Broadstone’s archive, they tailored content to their clients, enhancing their sales efforts, without purchasing a new film production. SMART content strategy was crucial, ensuring their expertise shone through. How we created the perfect fit To capture the uniqueness of Lost in Norway’, we began by updating their brand guidelines. Fresh colors and fonts were introduced to echo the enigmatic allure of the Norwegian landscapes. Using various shades of green, a blend of serif and san-serif fonts, unique graphic elements, and compelling media, we crafted a website that immersed users in Norway's natural wonders. This fusion of tradition and modernism created a unique online experience. We chose dark and green colors on Lost in Norway's website to highlight their position in Norway's market. The deep greens represent Norway's nature and create a mysterious feeling, fitting with their name, “Lost”. We added lively pictures to make the website engaging. Since they are “lost” in Norway, we focused on showing Norway's beauty and making it feel exclusive. We used videos and pictures from Broadstone, carefully editing them. We communicated a lot, exchanging drafts and feedback to make sure the website matched what they wanted. We also made sure the website worked well on phones, tablets, and computers. We paid attention to details like making sure the site shows up on Google searches. Results Lost in Norway experienced an increase in business and received numerous compliments on their website. A client specifically chose them due to the website's compelling content. Broadstone's videos allowed them to tailor content, significantly aiding their sales conversion efforts. See more of the website here Summary To provide the best website experience we combined this with beautiful and modern digital design, using our expertise when it comes to user-friendly websites. By including the visual content that Broadstone SMART Content Strategy provides, we created a website that fitted Lost in Norway perfectly. The result? The Lost in Norway team couldn’t be happier. Their new website increased business and drew more clients in, capturing the essence of Norway's beauty and Lost in Norway's expertise. Want to know more? Working with us in Broadstone transformed their digital presence, showcasing their unique offerings in the travel industry. See below for more website projects we have done:

  • 360 or Interactive videos?

    In the dynamic landscape of the tourism industry, visual content in your sales and marketing strategy is essential. Traditional 360-degree videos, while innovative, often fell short of meeting the needs of both businesses and customers. Recognizing these limitations, we sought to enhance the standard 360 video experience. We identified the challenges: time-consuming searches, lack of relevance, and viewer impatience. Our solution? Interactive videos – a seamless, efficient way for both sellers and buyers to interact. A 360 video captures a panoramic view, allowing viewers to look around, but it lacks interaction. On the other hand, interactive films are dynamic and engaging. They not only provide a captivating view but empower customers to click, explore, and delve deeper. The point is not just to showcase your product but to ensure that viewers engage, connect, and ultimately make a purchase decision. Do you trust your customers to find what they’re looking for, or do you prefer to guide them through your product? With interactive videos you can tailor the customer's journey by directing their focus and attention. By sharing a link to the interactive video, you can choose what you want the customer to see first, and your customers can still explore independently. Showcasing what you want the customer to focus on, yet letting them have the opportunity to click seamlessly through the other parts of your business. With our SMART Interactive videos, we prioritize your needs, showcasing what you want your customers to experience when they explore your business online. By guiding their journey, you not only save time for both parties but also enhance the overall customer experience. SMART Interactive videos are a strategic tool that let you guide their customers, encourage interaction, and drive sales. With Broadstone’s expertise, your business can redefine how customers perceive and interact with your brand. Experience how interactive videos provide a superior visual showcase for your product. See what other clients thought of our SMART Interactive video, and get in touch for a presentation.

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