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Lie Overflate Newsletter

Newsletters managed and created for Lie Overflate.

NOV 2021 - T.D

Restaurant Kontrast 10 Years Anniversary

Graphic design to SoMe posts for Kontrast's 10-year anniversary.

OKT 2023

Lost In Norway business cards

Modern business cards created for Lost In Norway

NOV 2023

Trolljeger posters

Posters created for Trolljeger, Norway's roughest terrain obstacle course with a focus on teamwork and self-achievement.

JUL 2023

Nidaros Business Forum branding

Full branding and marketing material for Nidaros Business Forum, an arena for the leders in cybersecurity

APR 2023

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Interactive People


for this client we also did:

Logo & Branding |   Website |   Illustrations

Branding & website development for Interactive People, a team building company that uses gaming techniques to achieve higher commitment, increased focus and better performance to their clients. The result is a vibrant branding and a dynamic and innovative website.


Client order:

Interactive People is a new teambuilding company, but has been operating under a different company previously. Because of this, they needed a new logo, branding and a website. They also needed a good structured website because of the information that needed to be provided. 

Broadstone delivery:

To convey the essence of the company we decided to use fun and vibrant colors and modern fonts. We also decided to illustrate mascots to even further create a fun and unique branding. For the website, we started by mapping out the users flows and how to make the information easy to understand. We created a system with a database so the client can edit and publish changes for their team-buildings themself. 

We are happy with the result as it is a dynamic and innovative website with a vibrant branding.

We were earlier a franchise of Green Hat People, and in the end of 2022 we decided to create and develop our own brand. We chose Broadstone to develop our website, logo and graphical profile, and we are really pleased with the result. The new profile reflects our services, our culture and values and who we are in a very satisfactory manner. We can definitely recommend using Broadstone for these kind of services!


Interactive People

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