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Lie Overflate Newsletter

Newsletters managed and created for Lie Overflate.

NOV 2021 - T.D

Lost In Norway business cards

Modern business cards created for Lost In Norway

NOV 2023

Trolljeger posters

Posters created for Trolljeger, Norway's roughest terrain obstacle course with a focus on teamwork and self-achievement.

JUL 2023

Nidaros Business Forum branding

Full branding and marketing material for Nidaros Business Forum, an arena for the leders in cybersecurity

APR 2023

Interactive People branding

Branding & website development for Interactive People, a team building company that uses gaming techniques to achieve higher commitment, increased focus and better performance to their clients. The result is a vibrant branding and a dynamic and innovative website.

FEB 2023

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Restaurant Kontrast


for this client we also did:

Film Production   |   Photography    |   SoMe

Graphic design to SoMe posts for Kontrast's 10-year anniversary.


The prestigious and renowned Michelin-starred restaurant Kontrast celebrated its full decade in November 2023. While assisting with their social media posts, Mikael wanted us to launch a campaign for their anniversary. The celebration was split into two parts: a week featuring the restaurant's classic dishes from the past decade and a dinner with prestigious guest chefs.

We went the extra mile and created images that perfectly showcased the essence of these two distinct celebrations. Due to their current deal with social media this extra design and posts did not cost them anything!

"I highly recommend Broadstone to any restaurant looking to enhance its social media presence. It's been a game-changer for us at Kontrast, and I can't imagine managing our social media without it."


Mikael Svensson

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